Welcome to GraniteAcres Ranch

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About me:
I first got goats when I was in junior high, and fell in love with them, though I only had them for a few years.  When my husband and I moved to a place with property at first I got a horse, since I’ve had those most of my life.  But I realized I wasn’t a “horse girl” anymore;  I was a “crazy goat lady”.  So, the horse left, and in the spring of 2009 I got my first Nigerian Dwarf goat.  I started with a couple of unregistered does, and things snowballed from there. 

There have been ups and downs.  For a few years there I had the goats, but between having my daughter in 2015, and just life in general, I wasn’t able to be as heavily involved as I wanted to be.  I have since been able to participate in milk test a few times, as well as Linear Appraisal. We’ve been doing 4-H with the goats for years, and showing open class as well.  I’m trying to attend at least one sanctioned goat show each year in addition to our local county fair.  

If people ask me now how many goats I have, I don’t have an exact number.  It changes constantly.  My son has a couple that are his, as does one of my younger sisters.  And my daughter has demanded her own as well.  My husband doesn’t have a lot to do with the goats, but he supports my love of them.  It’s a family affair.