New Arrivals 2023

This year’s name them will be rivers/lakes

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The links for previous year’s new arrivals link to my old website, as I didn’t feel like rebuilding all of the old pages.

A note regarding pricing – It’s not random, or set on a whim. We have been working hard to bring in and breed high quality animals, and our prices will follow a formula that reflects that. All bucks will be wethered at 8 weeks old if they are not reserved as bucks by that time.

All wethers will be priced at $150 each, or $250 for a pair.

All does and intact bucks will be priced based on the accomplishments of their dam. With the increase in hay and grain prices, I raised my prices last year, but I try to keep it affordable, so will not be raising it further at this time.  I have to be able to afford to keep my goats, so may have to go up again in the future.  Pricing is as follows​:

Base Price: $400
*M in butterfat and/or protein: +$50
*M in production: +$50
E in mammary: +$50
Champion win: +$50 (max 4)
SG: +$50
LA 90 or above: +$50

GraniteAcres SP Rainier 6*M x MT Rivendells Standing Ovation *B

March 9, 2023

Twins – 2 boys (1 deceased)

GraniteAcres K Kyanite x Gaelic Roots CW Lucky Strike *B

March 8 2023

Single – 1 girl

R6 – Graniteacres LS ? – blue-eyed doeling – available $400

GraniteAcres ID Jasmine x MT Rivendells Standing Ovation *B

March 7, 2023

Twins – 2 boys

GraniteAcres EC Sugilite x Rakkasan Ranch APA Cluster *B

March 1, 2023

Triplets – 1 girl, 2 boys